Sometimes these OKCupid tests are rather compelling...

Your result for The Tri-Variable Personality Test (qualified psychologist) ... (Test by divncom)

The Modernist
You scored 33Artist, 35 Philosopher, 33 Scientist!

You represent all that is hypermodern in thinking and existing in today's society. You live a very active and agile mental life, combining it with sporadic activities that involve intense personal expression (art, blogging, etc.) As opposed to the other types, your thinking style is a combination of: methodical, artistic and introspective. This means you are at different points in time capable of: valuing something, imagining it spatially, and enjoying its value experientially. You are likely highly literate, but you are a jack of all trades in that no particular field captures your fancy entirely. You may find yourself involved in a range of activities; make sure you are comfortable with your own identity and that you do not neglect any of the major aspects of thought. There could potentially be a propensity for skiddishness or flightiness. Furthermore, you are very easy going as a friend and partner ... easily absorbing the personalities around you, but not committing to any side in particular. Quote from a Modernist: "People often think I'm flip flopping on my opinons, when in reality, I'm just seeing many sides to something." Examples of Modernists: Tony Blair, Leonardo Da Vinci, Aristotle

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There is a saying; "Be a light unto the world".  I personally hold this to be true.  We cannot effect positive change in this world with negativity.  It really never works.

Having said that, when you are an educator or writer, you are--by default--a public figure of sorts.  As private as you may like your life to be, there is a portion of you that must be accessible to the public.  If that's not the case, then why publish?  Why take what you know and train others with it if you're not willing to discuss these things with the public you aimed your message at in the first place?

When you were in school, who were the teachers that bothered you the most?  Me?  It was the grumpy ones; the ones that lost the love of teaching.  The ones that were just dragging along until tenure touched them, and their retirement was insured.  I would actually try and engage them, but invariably it would be the same thing; it was like trying to get someone who didn't really like you to be your friend.  In the end, the only one who was hurt was me.

All this above is aimed at those people today who write books, or accept positions of leadership or mentorship, and are then pissed off when people want to engage them.  Admittedly, there are always those who try and take too much, or are just there to stir people up for a reaction, but I really do believe that they're the exception and not the rule.  But honestly, if you are that put off by communicating with people, maybe you shouldn't, no matter how erudite you are, and let someone who feels the message in their hearts do the work you so obviously loath...

I'll admit that it's still a little odd feeling when a 60-year-old grandmother comes to you for cannabis advice; even moreso when she is sitting with you on your deck smoking your best, and asking when the hashish will be finished drying!   She is just getting over a hysterectomy after having had some multiple-pound fibroid removed, and is a pretty hurting unit.  This on top of her qualifying medical condition (she was hit by a city bus).  She has turned into one of my (our) dearest friends, and makes me feel like my mom's here!

Amazing things you can accomplish on Craigslist.  The truck (Hendrix) pre-existed, and we got it through a friends' contacts, but it was 5 min from being sold on Craigslist, so it's as good as from there.  The camper (SRV) was brought home on Tuesday.  It's a '64 Arrow, with built-in porn!!!  Well, that is true, but there's so much more!  Free salt, pepper and Lowery's seasoning salt!  Free broken bungee cords!  Free wasps!  Free, free, FREE!

Not too bad for $350.  Just enough work to be fun, and just enough that works that we'll be able to use it before the end of summer.

Now if I can just convert the truck to run on dog poop, we'll be good to go...

...that is my life.  Since I'm bailing out of a number of my on-line communities and social groups, mostly for the sake of time, I've decided (actually, many others have insisted) that I'll start keeping a regular blog.  What will this blog be about?  Well, my weird life, in all its forms.  Topics will include: Buddhism, drugs, medical cannabis, polyamory, social activism, love, veganism and vegetarianism, music, gardening, and progressive thinking in all its forms.  In that regard, it is looking to be a very Oregonian blog!  But at a minimum, it will be a blog about the same things that were important to me while I lived an on-line existence; just a whole lot quieter.

Feel free to get a hold of me at, and again, welcome.