...are only slightly wrong.

Still here, folks. But boy, oh boy are my arms tired! Woops. Blew the trite overused joke there. And so it goes.

Helping my step-daughter detox from a dangerous flirtation with the goddess Her-Oin. Boy does this take me back. And not to a good toilet. I'll write more on it later. But I promise I will.

Book-work is stalled again. Life is working me pretty damn hard atm. Life has that habbit. Hehehe... I said "habit".

Anyways, was just checking in after a few of my favorite SG's (Hi Nora!) and happened to read Brad Warner's most recent SG piece. Popped over to his blog, and went "Hell, I haven't blogged in a blog's age. People probably think I was lying face down in a puddle of ascii by now." Well, I'm not.

More later, friends. Need to strap on the strap-on and do life until it asks for more lube...