So I'm "officially" gone from Suicide Girls. I'll say "hey" to all my SG friends from there popping in here to see me. Thanks.

And thanks to all the cool folks there why have taken time to tell me that they'll miss me and my input there. It's nice to hear and appreciated. It won't keep me there, though; SG is dying on the vine. The management is unresponsive to its users, the snark level has gotten out of hand, and it's generally no fun there anymore. Actually, it hasn't been "fun" for about a year. I stayed because of the people, not the "SG experience". The slide really started when they let go of people like Wil Wheaton and Martin Attkins--decent columnists. Then D.R. Epstein died. Sad, but moreover, their best feature writer was gone. They should have aggressively expanded their features at that time, but instead, they stalled. A number of us members tried to encourage them in the right direction, but were summarily ignored. Well, at that point, what's the use in staying?

And honestly, I'm 40 years old. The nekkid chicks are, well, cute and all, but you can only look at the babes for so long before you go "Dude, you could easily be her FATHER..." Not that that makes me sad in and of itself. More than that, it just makes me go "Ehh... another nekkid chick... over there... where I'm not. Big whip..." Porn-erotica-whathaveyou just really doesn't do it for me much anymore. I need to focus my life on the reality, the 3D of things. I was one of the first gen of folks to help build the tubes that make the InterWeb run. I started a web design company before the dot-com craze blew. I helped spread porn far and wide across the world.

Yippie. It's old. I need to figure out a way to be active again, and it sure as hell isn't the 'net, or social networks that actually encourage a person to sit on their asses typing all day to somebody somewhere else that doesn't really matter. Worse, become a game addict again.

I want--need--reality. Real people. Real bodies. Real relationships. Real reality.

"I don't believe in Heaven, but I still believe in ghosts.
I've put away childish things..."

-James McMurtry


Jamie said...

gone, but definately not forgotten =)