It's been too long. I want to start blogging more. So sorry for the lull all you non-existent readers!

I've put on over ten pounds by drowning my sorrows in various cheeses. Ugh. And I'm just generally not eating right. I'm "sad-eating". Will work on that.

Emotionally, I'm not truly depressed; just worried. Where the hell will I come up with the money to move out on my own? I can't do it with a room-mate; a) I have a kid, and b) it'd drive me crazy. But honestly, I'll do what I have to do. That will most likely entail asking my mother for money, most likely against any of the rest of my inheritance. Dunno. Good news is, it looks like the kid found a job.

More later. It's been a chore just motivating myself to write this...