Yeah, I know I promised a rant about Obama's slap at cannabis legalization at his town-hall meeting last week. I'll get to it.

So this is a shot of my latest building project. My new flat is actually pretty spacious. However, that's said without a bed in the room. Seriously, a friggin' bed in the sitting space will really make it feel college dorm / crash-pad-like, and I really want to avoid that. So I was sitting in this space, and it occured to me that the utility closet (for a washer/dryer) is big enough for a twin-sized sleeping nook. I asked Mr Landlord (a finish carpenter himself) if he minded if I built a platform bed/sleeping nook in it. He immediately liked the idea himself. When I mentioned it to Mrs Landlord, she got a big smile on her face and said "That will be sooooo trick!" So the answer is "yes".

I'm going to build a platform that will acomodate storage below it (standard Robbermaid Tote sized bins). A 8" regular foam camping pad mattress on top, cut to fit. Then when I can afford it, I'll top that with 4" of memory foam, essentially making a custom memory-foam mattress. Put some IKEA tiny LED aimable lights un the undersides of those old cabinet things, some rope light, a nice paint job, and a heavy curtain over the front, and I should be styling.

Doing this will allow me to keep most of the rest of my furniature, including my corner PC workstation, which is good because a) it's good stuff, and b) I haven't been able to move it on craigslist, unless I want to get involved in a Nigerian fake check scam, apparently.

So anyway, here's some "before" pix. More as it happens.
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Nixie said...

looks like a decent enough place you got yourself there. and the plan for creating a seperate sleeping space sounds like a good one.