A dish so nice I made it twice, then once again! I knew I could improve on the Bolly Burger itself. This is the same poutien, but the masala burger patty is on garlic naan, and topped with a bunch of micro-greens, vegan quik-raita (Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream + MDH Dahivada Raita masala) and mango-ginger chutney. The warmed naan is perfect for a non-bun delivery vehicle, and in my opinion, the raita was what was missing from last night. I was going to offer this to my land lady (her hubby's hunting and she was busting a move in her garden all day) but she declined, saying her son and his girlfriend were there and she was making spaghetti w/ meat sauce. Then when I was next outside, she said "You know, Bobby's girlfriend is a vegetarian, and I'm making meat sauce. Can you make her one?" to which I set about doing. I made one large serving of fries, and two burgers. Sent them both up, to rather astonished faces and rave reviews. Dirty secret: this is 80% Trader Joe's... (UK and stateside unexposed friends, substitute your mid-level alternative grocery here.)

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Nixie said...

that does indeed look delicious. might have to give it a go sometime, although i think i'll wait until when i'm down at my mum's and can use the gas cooker as i've still not got the hang of the electric cooker in my flat (i've even managed to burn soup! haha!).