Here's a working copy of my newest mix. It's a work in progress. The strange sounds of counting and the woman talking are from something called "Numbers Stations". They are mysterious broadcasts available all over the world to anyone with a shortwave receiver, and are near certainly coded covert communications sent from governments to embedded covert operatives (read: "illegal spies"). Fascinating stuff...

Track mix (so far):
  1. Thievery Corporation: Sound The Alarm (Radio Retaliation)
  2. The Crystal Method: Drown in the Now (Divided By Night)
  3. Younger Brother: I Am A Freak (The Last Days of Gravity)
  4. Logic Bomb: The Third Revelation (The Mystery of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls)
  5. Astral Projection: Anything Is Possible (Amen)
  6. Alien Project: The First Revelation Part One (The Mystery of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls)
  7. Riccicomoto: Q's Department (Scoretuner EP)
  8. Isaak Hypnotizer: Mysterious Abduction (1 Freedom)
Enjoy. Feedback welcome.

Oh, and brownie points to anyone that can identify the little calliope sounding ditty at the beginning...

(added:) This is a mid-quality-encoded file for streaming purposes. If you like what you hear, and want a final high-quality mix, send me a message, and I'll send you a copy of either a 192b MP3, or an ACC enhanced podcast for your IPod that has track markers and album art.