Yeah, I remember when I first realized that the world was bigger than my hometown.  Points off for some grammar and attempts at defining beauty (seriously, lol).  Craigslist dating angst FTW.  I truly and heartfeltly hope this girl finds her emo, er, I mean boy...

You do not know who you are. You are full of ambition and do not know where to focus it. Existentialist crisis would not be a stretch. You are looking for someone to talk to about this with no expectation of reaching a conclusion. These conversations, you hope, will be one part lamentation, one part hope, and one part attraction. We will sit in my [or your] Nag Champa scented room watching “Waking Life”, making art and the occasional comment. We will listen to solo guitar on from Barcelona on vinyl, drink tea and make attempts and defining beauty. We are beautiful and we don’t know why, but we can feel it. We will read Bukowski. We will dance like fools. We will fall asleep on the floor, holding each other, just as confused as we were when we met but now we aren’t alone.

I do not know if you exist, but then, I hardly know if I exist. I am posting here because I have not found this person in my community and would like to meet people outside of it. A picture would be nice, because I do believe that ones appearance can be very telling of what is beyond it. And in case you didn’t gather this from reading, the above not only describes who I hope you are, but it describes me as well.