A brief update from the health front:

I'm a lot better than I was.  I'd say 95%.  The lingering 5% is a result of fatigue brought on by 10-or-so days of iffy sleep due to the massive amount of antibiotics I'm still on.  Taking them alone is tiring.  They make me feel lethargic due to their body-load.  But they also cause a pretty severe insomnia.  I think I'll only be on them a few more days.  They were a life-saver, to be sure, but we're getting to the point where the cure is worse than the symptoms.  The 5am nose-bleeds are getting sorta old as well.  That's because the anti-b's kill off a lot of the gut flora needed to process dietary potassium, and a lack of Vit. K means easy hemorrhages.

But enough whinging.  I'm spending my time being grateful for all the friends who've expressed concern, love, compassion and metta for me, grateful for all the medical professionals whose skills helped save me, and my daughter and fiancée for being so strong for me in what for them must have been a very scary situation.

I'm headed back to the Zen Temple to get some work in.  I'm looking forward to seeing it 10 days after I left it suddenly.  Part of me feels a bit robbed that things I was working on were finished by others' hands.  But at the same time, I'm more grateful that things I was working on were finished by others' hands.

Sangha: my supreme support.