...since I've blogged. Lots of shat going on. Some good. Some notsomuch. Things is what they is.

The room is finally nearly fully on-line. The joy is palpable. Not being dependent on the kindness of the people in my medical community is such a relief. It'll be even better in a month when I harvest the first batch. That should be enough to get us through until a regular rotation is established. Two plants every month should provide for us all, with excess to store long term, and even excess excess to donate back into my community. The good news is, two plants a month will be the minimum I pull down. Four is more likely. I grow my plants smaller than I could for a few reasons, not the least of which is that in the case of an interaction with LEO (Law Enforcement Official), I will not appear to be a commercial enterprise.

I still have work to do, but the bulk of the work is done. The hood now holds one 1k MH and 1k HPS lamp, sealed behind glass, and ducted through a 245cfm fan, vented out under my back deck. The bargain A/C I stumbled upon at Home DePot is a real work-horse. It's powerful enough to cool the room down to 76f-78f with a bit of power to spare, so the potential to add one more 600w HPS is there, and I plan on trying that today. That is ducted out through the pre-existing vent pipe that was in place to facilitate a gas oven pilot light. I just pulled the duct off the flange, and taped my exhaust flexi-duct to that, and the heat issues were done. If I can keep my daytime temps in the flowering room under or at 80f, I'm good to go, and the room will be 2600w; rougly the same light value as the sun at noon. The light footprint is different than that, but that's less important than the spectrum and the intensity, as well as my ability to control and focus that light where I need it.

Aside from that, it's been a pretty stressful few days/weeks. Personally, I feel sort of shaken. The confidence i once had in a number of aspects of my life has been eroded and I'm a bit fearful of the future. But there is precious little I can do about that, save to keep striving to be the most genuine "me" I can be, and hope that'll be enough. It just seems a bit odd that I spend time encouraging people to be authentic, and then when I am, people can't deal with it. But I've discovered over time that most people are that way, honestly. Being authentic means being vulnerable. Why? Because deep down, in each person's authentic center is a little child that gets hurt easily. Not allowing for that chance of pain and disappointment means not being authentic, and therefore, not experiencing all that your life provides. Wanting to experience "all that life has to offer" means the shit with the sugar. Take it all in, or shore up your walls. Here comes the flood.

Après moi le déluge...


Oh, hey, I'm Twittering now. I think my Borg implant may be next.