...and for that, I'm sorry s'more. Lotsa lotsa stuff happening. Some good; some notsomuch or Chaotic-Neutral, as always.

Writing continues, but has slowed, mostly due to time constraints, as 3D issues need to be dealt with.

As to a few of the 3D issues, the garden is finally on-line and up-to about 85% capacity. The heat has been dealt with and successfully abated. Two rigs are going; one large hood with 2 1k bulbs, and one smaller hood with one 600w HPS, as alluded to in the last post. Both are ducted, and doing well. The a/c is JUST keeping temps at or below 80f at all times, which is on the high-end of the sweet-spot, but the sweet-spot none-the-less.

All the above is good news for me and the patients; cupboard's bare, and we're limping by on donations again. I swear I'll never fall off of a successful rotation again!

Personally, it's been a damn hard few weeks, but things are better now. Frankly, it deserves its own blog, but I think I'll just save it for my shrink.

I'll try and get better at the blog-thingy. Pinky-swear...